What’s the Good Economic News, Exactly?

I’m trying to figure out something. I listened to this sound bite, the media montage of George Stephanopoulos and all the others on it going orgasmic about the economic recovery, and the things that they’re saying. “Machine gunfire of good economic reports.” “We finally hit bottom.” “This recovery is really taking hold.” “Another sign the real estate market could be improving.”

And I’m asking myself: What did I miss?


There has to be something that they are anchoring this to.

What happened?

So I started scouring. I started looking around for things. I only found one thing that could possibly suffice as providing them the data to report such things, and it’s an AP story. “Has US Economy Bottomed Out? Census Suggests Yes.” Census? In fact, there are two things. The AP has this little thing that they send down the wire every day called, “Ten Things to Know for Today.” On September 20th, today, the number one thing for AP readers to know is, “THE WORST MAY BE OVER! New census numbers suggest that the US economy has bottomed out.”



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