We’re Witnessing Two Institutions Disintegrate Right Before Our Eyes

Everybody’s talking about it. Everybody thinks they’re the only ones who notice it. Believe me, you’re not. Everybody’s noticing it. Let me use as an example the audio that I opened the program with yesterday. I’d been told about it, we couldn’t find it. Finally in the final hour of the program we found it. We’ve also identified the two people. Now, one was Jan Greenburg, or Jan Crawford. She used to be Jan Crawford Greenburg when she was at ABC. Now she’s at CBS. She’s just using two names. Jan Crawford. She’s the one that did the profile, by the way, for 60 Minutes of Clarence Thomas, or maybe it was… I don’t know what it was for. But she was the reporterette who did it, and there was some guy from NPR, and they were the ones yesterday that were coordinating their questions.

You know, we talked about this at the end of the program yesterday. It was very key to understand what they were doing. They were not coordinating questions. They were establishing the narrative of the day. What they were doing in collaboration with each other… and I’m sure they weren’t the only ones. I had to laugh watching some television this morning. Gretchen Carlson at Fox was shocked. She said she was shocked. She never knew this kind of thing went on. Real journalists don’t do this the kind of stuff. I imagine a lot of people were surprised. A lot of people still have a lofty view of journalism, that it is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, it’s objective, that the reporters are open-minded. All these traditional opinions people have had about the media are being blown up right in front of everybody’s face now.



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