We Didn’t Need a Tape from 1998 to Tell Us Barack Obama is a Socialist!

Yeah, make sure everybody’s got a shot. So what does that mean? Everybody gets a certain amount of money, same amount of money. You take it from those who have it and produced it, give it to those that don’t, same amount of money and turn ’em loose and everybody’s gonna be cool. Is that what that means, everybody’s got a shot? What happens, Mr. President, if you do that, let’s say — pick a number — give everybody a hundred grand, just do it, for the sake of our little experiment here. What do you bet the people who didn’t have any money before you gave ’em will be out of that money inside of six months, and the people who had that hundred grand before you took it from ’em find a way to get it back?

What do you bet, Mr. President, in our little experiment, give everybody a hundred thousand dollars, the same people who didn’t have it before you gave it to ’em will end up not having it in a very short period of time. So what have you actually accomplished? It’s a one-time thing, right? Could we say, give everybody a hundred grand, give everybody a fair shot, and then after a year, we reassess. And what happens, Mr. President, when a lot of those people you gave a hundred grand to are back down to having nothing? Do you do it again? Do you do it every year? At what point do you realize this doesn’t work? Why would you ignore world history? This has never worked anywhere in the world.

See, that’s where we get caught up, folks. It’s not about working. It’s not about success. It’s not about making sure everybody ends up the same. It’s about making them think that’s what you care about. It’s making them think that you’re gonna be there to back ’em up when they bomb out. It’s about them thinking that you’re gonna be there to take again from the successful or the achievers and give back to the people who get screwed again. The theory, the reason people don’t have anything is they got screwed by the people who do have everything. People that have a lot stole it from the people who don’t have anything. So we gotta take it away from the people who have it, redistribute it for efficacy, and we have to resuscitate, this brilliant guy said, somehow resuscitate the notion — by the way, this is 1998. What’s going on in 1998? Who’s president in 1998?



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