Voters Turned Off by Obama’s Lies, Cover-up on Libya

Attempts by the Obama Administration to obfuscate and misdirect over the horrible tragedy in Libya are falling apart. As my colleague John Nolte noted, even Democrats on Capitol Hill are demanding answers and a fuller explanation over events surrounding the murder of American diplomatic personnel. New polls suggest voters souring on Obama’s handling of the situation. It may very well be an October Surprise that dashes Obama’s reelection hopes.

A new FoxNews poll shows likely voters disapprove of Obama’s handling of the crisis in Libya, 39-43%. Independents disapprove by a 7-point margin. Seniors by a 15-point margin. Even women, one of the strongest blocks of support for Obama are split 40/40 on disapproval.

But, the voters shifting views are not just confined to Libya. A clear majority, 52-34, of likely voters believe the US should take the lead on world affairs, rather than just wait and react to events. 52% of likely voters believe Mitt Romney is more likely to take the lead, against just 34% who think Obama would.



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