Univision Questions Expose Obama

Thump. What happened to all that lowering the sea levels, ending the war? I guess you can’t do any of that from inside Washington, either. By the way, Romney’s here in Florida. He was at a couple fundraisers last night. One of them was a hundred grand a couple and it was up near Seminole Golf Club, which is near Juno Beach. He had two last night. One was 50 grand a couple, the other a hundred grand a couple, and the crowds, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, the crowds that Romney is drawing in this state are huge. They are huge crowds, and it’s not being reported. The people attending know it, but you’re not seeing it. I happened to notice it in a still shot on a website last night. It wasn’t commented on in the caption of the picture or in the story about Romney and his fundraising. It was just there. I mean, it was patently obvious to see. I think it was in Sarasota, but wherever it was, it was massive, a massive crowd.

Last night I’m watching the Giants and the Panthers on Thursday Night Football, and that’s where Obama was supposed to fill up that stadium for his acceptance speech. I looked at the blimp shot of the stadium before the game, and the place was full. Well, the Panthers can sell it out. They told us, “Yeah, the community’s too small. There’s really not enough hotels and stuff. We didn’t have room for everybody in that 65,000 seat place so we had to shut it down and move it inside.” I looked at that and it became clear to me how over this whole thing with Obama is, because in 2008, they did fill stadiums like that. And there it was filled last night for a football game, the very place that Obama was gonna accept the nomination this time around.

They couldn’t even find 20,000 people to put in there. In fact, where Obama did give his acceptance, the capacity’s 20,000, and 15,000 of them are media. The rest are family and delegates, 5,000 or so. So it just struck me. Filling that stadium, that would have been a big deal. For any single individual to make a speech to fill a stadium, that would have been a big deal, and he didn’t do it. Not like he did in ’08. And nobody’s talking about it, but they had to move something similar in Vegas two weeks ago or last week from outside to inside and they used weather as an excuse again, and there wasn’t any weather on that day. Here’s what Romney said inside, outside.



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