Top Ten Obama Campaign Disasters–So Far

The media insist that Mitt Romney is running a bad campaign. Whether that’s true or not, one thing is certain: Barack Obama’s campaign is undoubtedly worse. From day one, Obama’s re-election effort has been a microcosm of his failures in office. Here is a list of the top ten Obama campaign disasters–and there are still six weeks to go!

1. AttackWatch The sequel to Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website from 2008, and his [email protected] rat-out-your-neighbors effort during the Obamacare debate, #AttackWatch was part of a larger effort to target Obama’s opponents for confrontation. Conservatives quickly defused AttackWatch by spoofing it–and even the mainstream media was forced to acknowledge (briefly) Obama’s thin-skinned and vindictive tactics.

2. Charlotte Democrats hoped to expand on their gains in 2008 by hosting their 2008 convention in North Carolina. But unions balked at North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, and Democrats–having demonized banks–were embarrassed that Obama was to hold his acceptance speech in the outdoor Bank of America Stadium. In the end, the Obama campaign couldn’t even fill enough seats, and had to move the speech back indoors.



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