The Seductive Power of Socialism

My problem with that is, just like the 47%, the people you’re talking about would not admit being in that 50% group. They would never admit it. They may live it, you know, but they would never admit it. It’s like Churchill, I think it was Churchill, his variation of that quote I have paraphrased over the years in my own way: liberalism is shared misery. Everybody living equally miserable. If you want quality of outcomes, it’s what you’re gonna get, everybody living equally in misery.

Now, I don’t disagree with your point. A lot of people would choose security over prosperity, safety over effort. Whether it’s 50% is what this election’s all about. But the reason why class envy tends to work in certain pockets is that there are people who can be made happy if you tell them that we’re gonna raise taxes against the rich and the rich are gonna be a little poorer, you’re not gonna be any better off, you’re still gonna be in the depths of economic misery, but those people are gonna hurt, they’ll be made happy by that. Democrats play on it. Makes no sense. But there’s all kinds of people that are infected with get-even-with-’em-ism, is what I call it. That is largely human nature. How many people do you know who like to lift themselves up by putting other people down? Or who rejoice in the failures of other people? Happens all the time. Very common. I you gotta take a break. Great call. I appreciate it.



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