The Obama Regime’s First Reaction was to Sympathize with the Attackers

Obama’s first instinct was to sympathize with the attackers. And when I say Obama, I’m talking about the embassy, Embassy Cairo. You can’t separate Barack Obama from any of our embassies. He staffs them. They have like-minded thinkers in there. Barack Obama’s in charge of the Foreign Service, he and Hillary Clinton. Their first instinct was to sympathize with the attackers with that statement. Romney was dead right pointing that out. First instinct, sympathize with the attackers. Where does that come from? It comes from, just like Dinesh D’Souza says, it comes from the idea that Obama thinks this country has been too big for its britches for too long and it’s time this country finds out what it has been like to be victimized by this country in the rest of the world.

It’s time this country finds out what it’s like to be Egypt and have a big, bad United States breathing down your neck. That’s what Obama is. That’s where he’s coming from. It’s true foreign policy; it’s true economically. Barack Obama doesn’t think this country should be number one. If it were number 35 it’d be fine with him. We haven’t deserved to be number one. We’ve stolen it. We’ve cheated people out of it. We are unjust and immoral in our superpower status, and it’s time. So his instinct is to sympathize with the attackers, just like Reverend Wright said: “9/11, America’s chickens coming home to roost.” That’s exactly it. Sympathize with the attackers, and all these Obama defenders know it, and that’s why they’re out there attacking Romney.



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