Sandra Fluke, Professional Student Radical

To get a sense of what kind of law Sandra Fluke would impose on all of us, it helps to consider her time as a leader of Cornell’s Students Acting for Gender Equality (SAGE). Fluke was involved with SAGE throughout her time at Cornell, serving as its treasurer and president.

Paul Ibrahim, a former president of the Cornell Coalition for Life (CCL) which tangled with SAGE over the issue of abortion, provided an assessment of just how radical the organization was that Fluke led. “One of the best decisions of my life was signing up for the SAGE discussion list,” he wrote. “Nothing has provided me with more entertainment…Some of these women spend four years doing nothing but complaining about the glass ceiling and lack of empowerment, but unfortunately, the organization continues to exist.” The group repeatedly counter-protested CCL events and called the pro-life students names, such as “racist” or “Nazis.”

In April 2003, Fluke and SAGE hosted Vivian Stromberg, a left-wing feminist and executive director of MADRE, a women’s group. While Stromberg likes to style herself as a feminist, in practice, she is a left-wing radical who uses the issue of women’s rights as a means of critiquing American foreign policy and men. Pro-Sandinista and a pro-Palestinian, Stromberg has rarely encountered a third-world tyranny she didn’t like. She callously criticized Harry Wu, an American citizen imprisoned by the Chinese Communist regime, for daring to draw attention to the Beijing regime. “The issue of an individual should not detract from an international effort to try to improve the lot of hundreds of millions of women,” she said, dismissive concerns over Wu and other political dissidents as a distraction campaign by the political right. She similarly attacked Cuban exile’s “pathological” “obsession” with the embargo.



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