Romney’s Presidential Response to Terror

That is a simple statement and articulation of the way it’s always been in American foreign policy, and what’s different and perverted and corrupt is our foreign policy today. I defy anybody to explain it. I defy you. Do you know what our foreign policy is? “We have this charismatic, messianic guy that you love so much that you’re not gonna mess with him.”

Of course, look what’s happening around the world, in regards to militant Islam and the United States. We’ve got a rank amateur. With all due respect, in terms of experience, we have a rank amateur, and the bad guys of the world are laughing themselves to sleep every night talking about the clear road they’ve got. Can you imagine a guy like Zawahiri? Here’s Zawahiri in his cave in Pakistan or wherever, and he sees that Obama’s embassy apologizes for its country before anything happens?

Zawahiri is saying, “I wish Sheik Bin Laden were alive to see this! The United States, the evil Satan — the big, bad mama — is apologizing to us in advance of anything we might do!” That might even make him want to have a glass of champagne, and those guys don’t consume adult beverages (that anybody knows about). Folks, this is a joke. Can you imagine the Muslim Brotherhood? They’re sitting around saying, “Do you realize how easy this was? We have some people raise hell in Tahrir Square. We got this idiot CNN reporter out there asking people what they think of Obama.



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