Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are moving to define what they plan to do and what they stand for on the hot-button issues of health care and taxes, after enduring a week in which Democratic convention-goers tried to define that for them.

Both candidates signaled room for compromise on those issues in interviews over the weekend. The remarks follow a convention in Charlotte where speaker after speaker accused Republicans of favoring the wealthy in the tax code and imperiling Americans’ access to care.

On health care, Romney said Sunday he wants to keep parts of the health care overhaul spearheaded by President Obama. Though Romney vows to repeal the law, he said: “I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform.”

Romney said “there are a number of things that I like” in the law. The Republican presidential nominee said he wants to make sure people with pre-existing conditions can still have guaranteed coverage. And he said he wants to make sure young people can stay on their parents’ plan “up to whatever age they might like” — currently, that age is 26.

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