Romney Must Focus on Obama’s Record

This is the worst recovery since the Great Depression. What we need to do is point out that Obama, if he does care for average people, doesn’t know what to do about them because he’s destroying them. Obama’s record is the goldmine! Obama’s record is what it is. Obama’s record is what the Democrats are scared to death of. Obama’s record is what they’re trying to deflect everything from. Obama’s record is four years of utter failure, four years of disaster, four years of unmitigated economic collapse.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to keep that from being discussed. The Republicans have to stop falling for all these deflection tricks and go after the record. They’re afraid that if they go after Obama they’ll tick off the independents and they’ll be seen as racist or whatever. Get rid of that! These are real people’s lives that are being affected here. The “historical” nature of Obama’s presidency is done for.

Two days after he was immaculated, okay. He was The First Black President. Now he’s THE PRESIDENT. Not The Black President. Not The Male President. Not The Golfing President. He’s “The President.” His policies are disastrous. There’s a record that demonstrates it, and it needs to be exposed. If I was a Republican, my mindset would be: “Win this in a landslide.” If I were the Republicans, my attitude would be, “Go for everything. Win this as big as possible and give myself as big a mandate as possible after I win.” I’d shoot everything we’ve got!



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