Romney Defends on Cavuto Show

Let me tell you what happens at these fundraisers. I’ve been to a couple. It was a fundraiser, but at the same time he’s thanking big donors. I’ll tell you what happens at these things. I’ve not heard the tape of this one. I just heard Romney’s tape. But what happens is, since they’re big-money people, you get to ask ’em questions. And some of these people — I’ve been there — “Well, what are you gonna do about blah wah wah wah, and what are you gonna say about… and I’m sick and tired of you people sitting around.” And the candidates say, “Look, there are just certain people in this country that are gone, they’re lost, they agree with the other guy. Like 47% of the people, I gotta focus on the people that I can get from that larger 53%.”

This is why, by the way, at these events, gosh, folks, I could really get in trouble. I have been to these things. I really want to say this just to make a point, of what goes on at these things. I have been pointed out and looked at by top dog-candidates, and they have said, “Don’t you say a word of this on the radio tomorrow.” And they launch, and they tell these donors, and every time I hear it, I say, “Why don’t you say that tomorrow?” It’s the consultants combined with the fear of media. Do you remember all those times during the Bush years we’d have people call, even you, “Gosh, Rush, put him on TV and he looks like a deer in the headlights, looks like he can’t talk, sounds stupid.” And you remember all the people who would tell you, “You ought to be with this guy when there’s not a camera around. This guy can go 45 minutes without a single stutter, without repeating a word, without a pause, you ought to see this guy when the cameras aren’t around.”

How many people have you heard say that about George W. Bush? A lot. My only point is that things go on at these fundraisers or parties for donors. It’s a little looser, and these are the big money people, they’re asking questions and it’s a more relaxed atmosphere. Candidates, not just for president, for everybody, are a little bit more open and forthcoming. Because, after all, at the end of the day it’s all about money. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that brag to me over the years, “Yeah, I went to party with the president.” Really, how much money did you give? “Oh, you know about that, huh?” They wanted me to think they just got invited because they were popular.



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