Regime Brags: Obama is So Smart, He Doesn’t Need Intelligence Briefings

This is Marc Thiessen, opinion writer, Washington Post: “Obama Alone: This President Does Not Need Intel Briefers.” Wait ’til you hear this spin. We’ve already got Obama walking back a major gaffe, this statement that Egypt is not an ally. They have been since 1989. Regardless the Muslim Brotherhood situation now, they’ve always been an ally. Folks, they’ve had to walk that back now. This is a major gaffe, and even foreign policy media people know this, and that’s why they’re walking this back, because there are some people who are not in the media laying down for this one.

Now, another complaint about Obama is he hadn’t been briefed, right? We’ve heard this in the last couple days, that he misses a lot of intelligence briefings. So the White House has to do something about that. Here we are in the midst of a total collapse of foreign policy and the news comes out that he hasn’t attended but half of his intelligence briefings. That’s a problem. That is a real problem. So the White House has gone into spin mode, and what they’re now telling the media is, he doesn’t have to go to the briefings because he reads the brief every day. It’s the first thing delivered to him in the residence. He reads the daily brief. He doesn’t need to be briefed in person by his experts. He reads it and moves on.

It’s the same guy that I just quoted in the story about walking back the gaffe on Egypt being an ally, a guy named Vietor, Tommy Vietor. And what this guy said is stunning. He said a president doesn’t need briefers. He can forgo his daily intelligence meeting because he’s “among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet.”



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