Bill Clinton said (impression), “Obama had it worse than I did. When I came in, we had economic trouble, but Obama’s had it worse. You can’t expect him to turn it around like I did.” Everybody knows Clinton turned it around; everybody knows Obama hasn’t. So Clinton says, “Hey, he had it a little worse than I did (chuckles), but I turned it around, and this guy hasn’t. That’d be unfair for you to think that.

“It’d be unfair for you to think that, and it’d be unfair to say it. I know you’re thinking it. I wish you weren’t thinking it. We all know it’s true. I don’t care how bad he’s had it. I had it bad, too. He may have had it a little bit worse than I did, but I turned it around, and he didn’t. You all wish I was president not him, right?” That’s the message. I know this guy, folks. Don’t dispute me and don’t doubt me on this. That’s what he was saying. He knows that’s what those people are thinking.

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