President Obama’s Dangerous Dream of a Nuclear-Free World

One of the attention-grabbing scenes in the movie 2016: Obama’s America shows the President’s nuclear summit in 2009.

The idea behind the summit was that if the United States led the world in cutting its nuclear arsenal, others would follow. We would be leveling the nuclear playing field, creating a world where many countries have equal power and arrive, according to Obama, eventually at “a nuclear-free world.” Of course, the President also promised that he would reverse global warming and stop the ocean tides from rising.

Ironically, as author and narrator of 2016 Dinesh D’Souza reminds us, while Obama invited America’s allies to the summit, no invitation went out to the world’s nuclear troublemakers: Iran and North Korea. Equally ironically, New START, signed by Russia and the U.S. the following year, will reduce American warheads to 1,500, while actually allowing the Russians to grow their number.

And, according to the movie, the President has even asked the Pentagon to study the feasibility of taking U.S. nuclear warheads down to 300. This fits perfectly with the scene of President Obama whispering to then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in March promising further “flexibility” on U.S. nuclear missile defense after the November U.S. election.



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