Parents angry over Portsmouth school closures for Obama visit

Backlash erupted Tuesday afternoon after the Portsmouth School Department announced it would cancel school Friday due to logistical challenges tied to President Barack Obama’s campaign visit.

The Herald received multiple calls from angry parents after Superintendent Ed McDonough sent an e-mail to families announcing the closure.

“I just think it’s unbelievable,” said parent Kathy Logan. “All of a sudden, the president is coming to Portsmouth and everything has to shut down. I don’t think it’s right.”

Logan said she was at Little Harbour School on Tuesday morning for a “teddy bear picnic” welcoming kindergarten students to the school. The first day for kindergarten is today, and Logan said it was unfair for her son’s education to be disrupted so soon.

She said school officials at Little Harbour did not mention the closure and she did not find out until she checked her e-mail when she got home.



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