On the Night Their Convention Booed God, Out-of-Touch Democrats Think They Won the Election Because of Clinton’s Speech!

All right, here’s the truth. Yesterday, including most of last night, was perhaps one of the worst, flattest, most embarrassing days for a political party at its convention in the history of conventions. And yet, the media and a lot of Democrats think the election’s over because of last night. They think last night’s convention was a home run, a grand-slam home run. I’m telling you, the truth is that in terms of average Americans watching what’s going on, yesterday and last night was an absolute disaster for the Democrats.

There must be a lot of fear on our side. ‘Cause I got people left and right that have been e-mailing me Clinton fact-check articles. “Rush, you gotta set the record straight on Clinton.” I didn’t even watch Clinton. I saw two or three segments and I got bored. I got bored. I don’t think he helped Obama at all last night. You know, Obama’s waiting backstage to come out and accept accolades and stand in the great light of Bill Clinton, and what did Clinton do? Make him wait ’til 11:30, when the football game is at its most exciting. Everybody’s watching the wrap-up of the Giants and the Cowboys. That convention last night on the broadcast networks, the early numbers didn’t even get a full rating point. It got a .9. The TV numbers are in.



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