Today, the media is swooning over Barack Obama’s supposedly huge lead in the state of Ohio. Politico is reporting that unnamed Mitt Romney advisers — they’re always unnamed – say that President Obama has a far easier path to re-election than Mitt Romney does to election. “Their map has many more routes to victory,” Politico quotes a “top Republican official” stating.

What’s more, Politico quotes “two officials intimately involved in the GOP campaign” saying that Ohio is leaning Obama in a heavy way, with Obama up near a ten-point lead. And Public Policy Polling, a Democrat-funded polling firm, says that Obama has a lead greater in Ohio than he won by in 2008.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been deployed as President Obama’s proxy to blue collar swing voters. But while the Obama/Biden ticket appeals to blue collar women, they’re having a much rougher time with blue collar men. And that may cost them come Election Day.

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