Obama Will Solve Chicago Teachers Strike

Last week I asked a stupid question, and it took me a couple of hours on Friday to figure it out. I’ve been hoping I wouldn’t forget it all weekend. And here we are, and I remember what it was. The stupid question I asked was: “Why are the teachers in Chicago going on strike?” The answer is very simple: So Obama can solve it as a campaign issue. That’s why they’re on strike. It won’t be long before we hear Moochelle say that he’s up late at night on the campaign trail practically crying, reading letters from students in Chicago upset they can’t go to school.

The schools are open in Chicago for lunch and breakfast. Teachers aren’t there. Rahm Emanuel’s kids are at their $25,000-a-year private school. The Chicago teachers have been offered a 16% raise. How’s that compared to your raise at your job? And they turned it down over some pension stuff. You watch. Rahm Emanuel himself is the guy who said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” We know that the unions, Obama and Rahm Emanuel, the Democrats, are in bed with each other. So this, to me, I think it’s a perfect setup.



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