Obama Wants to Keep America in Perpetual Crisis So He Can Grow Government

I must be blunt. I have to tell you what I think. A lot of people still can’t accept that, that we’ve actually elected a president who wants this kind of economy. But there are ways to stop this — there are ways — and he makes fun of ’em! He spent time making fun of tax cuts in his acceptance speech. He mocked ’em. He made fun of self-reliance. He made fun of entrepreneurism. He made fun of all these Ozzie and Harriet things, of a strong backbone, moral culture. He made fun of it all.

He made fun of everything that’s worked in the past. He made fun of the traditions and institutions that have defined this country’s greatness. He would have to totally renounce everything he says he believes to turn us around. He would have to renounce his support for the unions. He would have to renounce his support for big government. This is a guy who wants you to have a daily, devotional relationship with government. He wants that of the citizenry. He wants the citizenry in an almost… I think it’s sick, but he wants almost a perverted, literal attachment to government.

Government is the first thing people look to. It’s where they go for any problem to be solved. That’s what he wants, and none of that is gonna save the country. So the answer to the question is: “Resign!” Does somebody want to disagree with me on this? I welcome anybody who wants to disagree, to tell me I’m wrong. God, would I love to be wrong. You don’t know how I would love to be wrong about this. You don’t know. I don’t want any of this, but I know mathematics, and I know economics.



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