Obama Team Can’t Fight Americans’ Disappointment

Yesterday, Politico reported that the GOP had hit upon a new strategy to defeat Barack Obama in the upcoming 2012 presidential election: focus on the fact that he has been a disappointment. As Jonathan Allen, an Obama administration acolyte, writes:

Obama’s team was spinning the convention as a complete miss, arguing that Republicans didn’t lay a glove on their man. Yet what emerged from Tampa was a subtle, clever shift in GOP messaging, a much more dangerous strategy for Obama than the kitchen-sink attacks that preceded the gathering. Republicans posed — rhetorically — as Obama 2008 voters, lamenting his unfulfilled expectations as if they had been with him all along instead of trying to block him at every turn.

Allen can’t help shilling for Obama even as he spots the truth: the GOP recognizes that independent voters and 2008 Democratic voters aren’t stupid, and know that Obama has fallen short of expectations. The fact remains that Obama had control of Congress for the first two years of his presidency, remains in control of the Senate, and has rammed through vast swaths of his agenda. And the fact remains that unemployment is sky-high, inflation is a significant danger, and the average American family is far worse off under his “recovery” than they were when he took office.



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