Obama Shot Before He Aimed When He Overthrew Mubarak

The woman made the point that the Muslim Brotherhood exists because Obama pretty much supported ’em. Obama wanted to be rid of Mubarak. And if you remember this whole Arab Spring happening, Tahrir Square in Cairo was a hubbub of activity. The anti-Mubarak forces were going nuts, and it was only a matter of time before Mubarak would be forced out. At the time, if you recall, we were told, well, the military’s gonna end up running the country because they do now, and whoever the military sides with is whoever is gonna run the country. And at that time the Muslim Brotherhood was — well, to those of us who knew, they were the major player. They were the ones behind all this.

But to Obama and the media, the Muslim Brotherhood… in fact, one of Obama’s national security advisers was on television characterizing the Brotherhood as the nice faction of militant Islam; the guys you can do business with; the guys at the corner; the moderate element. They’re the good guys. If anything is gonna happen in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood, that’s cool, because they’re the good guys. I remember being frustrated as I could be at that narrative and spent a lot of time on this program attempting to inform you otherwise, that the Arab Spring was not a democratic outbreak.

In fact, there were a lot of us having problems because some of the conservative media people, people on our side, were falling for this, too. They thought this was the outgrowth of some great Democracy Project. That the Arab spring was spreading the democracy of Iraq further. The tentacles were spreading out throughout the Middle East, and it was starting to show up in Egypt, and from there it would sweep to Syria, and the problem with Israel would minimize, and a bunch of us at the time were warning, it’s the exact opposite. This is an uprising by Al-Qaeda types, by militant Islamists, by Islamist supremacists whose objective in all of this is to take over the Middle East and get rid of Israel. That’s what was happening.



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