Obama Runs Apology Ad on Pakistani TV

There’s some graphics on the screen, a little translation, but for the most part this a 42-second commercial. It’s an Obama regime ad apologizing to the Muslim world in Pakistan for the video. Now, that story’s over. Everybody’s admitting that Susan Rice was sent out to try to establish a narrative on the Sunday shows that the video was the reason for all of this, and that’s imploded. So their narrative has imploded. But they are continuing to apologize. Somebody said, “Well, you know, the embassy in Pakistan is just a bunch of neophytes as the embassy in Cairo.” It’s not the embassy; it’s Obama. This is his show. He’s giving the orders. It’s his culture that has been established in this administration.

The culture of any organization is set up by the guy on top. That’s why the culture here is so clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, optimistic, upbeat, happy, achievement oriented. I set the culture here. Roger Ailes sets the culture at Fox News. That’s amazing, all the hundreds of people there, that culture. Obama sets the culture for the regime. So they can try to pass all this off on the employees at various embassies. And I have no doubt that they’re little knuckleheads that come out of conflict resolution 101 and all that, but you gotta hear this.

Keep in mind now that they’re burning the flag and the embassy in Pakistan’s under siege. More than 17 people have died in demonstrations in Pakistan after the government declared today that it would be a public holiday to let people protest. You know what they’re doing? There’s a public holiday in Pakistan to let people protest under the banner of Love the Prophet Day. And all carrying this notion forward that this video out there has so blasphemed the prophet, that whole countries have to get the day off now to deal with it.



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