Obama Promises More of the Same

Ladies and gentlemen, Investors.com has an interesting piece today. One of their editorials is called His Agenda, and the headline of this piece is “The Terrifying Line in Obama’s Speech That Everyone Missed — President Obama’s convention speech got rough reviews, and rightly so. He offered little but tired bromides and recycled promises. But critics overlooked one promise that will guarantee an even bleaker future. There was plenty to dislike in Obama’s speech. The language was flat, his delivery languid. The speech was stuffed with standard Obama chestnuts about the smallness of politics, the corrupting influence of money in politics, and how cynicism is our worst enemy. Instead of stirring rhetoric filled with hope and promise, Obama pledged that under his leadership, ‘our path is harder’ and ‘our road is longer.'”


“After four years of the worst economic recovery since the Depression, falling incomes, lower-paying jobs, increased hopelessness and exploding debt, all Obama has to offer is that he’ll make this nightmare last even longer? He also told the public that they ‘elected me to tell you the truth’ not to ‘tell you what you wanted to hear,’ but then proceeded to hide inconvenient truths while filling the public’s ears with sweet nothings. For example, he pledged government help for everyone who could possibly want or need it, but managed to avoid any mention of the hard truth that the national debt just topped $16 trillion and entitlements are unsustainable.



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