Obama Politicizes Solemn Ceremony?

Okay, CNN’s cameras are there. The presidential podium is between four hearses. There are four ambulances. They’re waiting on the arrival of the bodies from Libya, and the doors to the back of the hearses are open. The graphic at the bottom of the screen: “Libya Victims’ Remains Returned to US.” I guess they got Obama off the campaign trail? Wait, wait a second. Are those the caskets? Okay. Those are the pedestals? Okay. It’s at Andrews Air Force Base. So here they come. Holy smokes!

Obama, Biden, and Hillary are walking in as I speak, a solemn procession, leading the way. I guess that’s the ambassador’s wife with Obama, Biden, and Hillary, and they’re going to do, obviously, a show. I’ve never seen this before. I thought this didn’t happen. They’re gonna politicize this! They are politicizing the death of the ambassador and the other three. They’re turning it into a political show. I thought we didn’t do this anymore? I thought cameras weren’t allowed at Dover when military people arrive.

Do you remember how the news media screamed bloody murder when Bush used a two-second photo of 9/11 in an ad? How did they convince Obama to come off the campaign trail? Folks, the fact that he’s doing this means that the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is full of it. This means they’ve got polling that says they are in trouble. To have to pull Obama off the fundraising trail and bring him out here to greet the return of the bodies and have a show, or a ceremony.



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