Obama Lies Again: It was the Video

Barack Hussein Obama is in Coral Gables, Florida, this afternoon. There’s a Univision show called Meet The Candidates, and Obama’s the guest, and the cohost is Maria Elena Salinas. She said, “Mr. President we have reports the White House said today the attacks in Libya were a terror attack. Do you have information that it was Iran or Al-Qaeda that was organizing the protest?” Now, listen. What do we know? We know it was a terror attack. It was planned two to three days in advance.

We know it had nothing to do with the video.

We now know that our ambassador was tortured before he was killed. You can see pictures. They’ve been posted. You don’t want to see them. He was more than just dragged through the street. This poor man was tortured horribly. The reaction that this administration has had to this is so insufficient. But even now, even now, knowing what we know — and the White House, Jay Carney agreed. The video had nothing to do with this in Benghazi. Here’s Obama answering the Univision question: Do you have any information about this terror attack? Libya, Iran, Al-Qaeda, who behind it?



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