Obama Grades Himself “Incomplete,” But the New York Times Reports He’s Cocky and Thinks He’s a Great President

Now, here’s another way of looking at it: Are you better off now than you were four years ago. Here’s some numbers from four years ago compared to today.

Unemployment: 7.8% when Obama is immaculated; 8.3% now.
The median family income four years ago: $54,983. Today it’s $50,964. Basically the medium family income is down four grand. That’s not insignificant.

Gasoline prices $1.85 a gallon four years ago; $3.78 a gallon national average now. In some places it’s over $4.

The national debt four years ago: $10.6 trillion. It’s $15.9 trillion today and will surpass $16 trillion during the Democrat convention. So the national debt is up over $5 trillion in four years, and that’s because Obama has had deficits in excess of a trillion dollars every year.

Now, here’s Obama grading himself. Isn’t this rich? The Drive-Bys asked the president to grade himself. Gives himself an “incomplete.” I wonder what his college transcripts would show? We’ve never seen them. I wonder if they’re incomplete? Talk about grades. Doesn’t that kind of open the door to the question? But then, ladies and gentlemen, since when is an “incomplete” something to brag about? What are we doing here? We are choosing leaders. That’s what presidential elections are about. Choosing leaders. This country needs new leadership. This country is absent leadership right now. It hasn’t had any real leadership in a while.



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