Obama Cancels the Stadium Speech

Now, this has been a treat. It has been a treat to listen to all the reasons why they had to move Obama’s outdoor extravaganza indoors. It’s the weather. Yes, it’s the possibility of lightning, possibility of thunderstorms. They just don’t have the people, folks. They just can’t get the people there. I’ve heard some of the flimsiest excuses from people trying to defend this decision. It’s comical. They just can’t get the people. It’s not that they don’t have buses. They don’t have people to put on the buses. They don’t have people who want to go. It’s no more complicated than that. They can’t find 64,000 people that want to go to this thing. Well, maybe they can find 18 or 20 for the indoor arena, but they can’t find the additional bodies.

A local meteorologist in Charlotte, North Carolina is puzzled here. He said Thursday night is likely going to be the best weather of the entire week. Brad Panovich WCNC NBC TV wrote on Twitter: Thursday night will likely be the best weather of the entire week. Now, I heard Alan Colmes. Normally I don’t mention Colmes’ name because I don’t want to embarrass the guy, but I heard Colmes on Fox this morning explaining this. (paraphrasing) “It’s not lack of interest. It’s not anything that you Republicans think it is. It’s simply the weather. Look, Charlotte’s not big enough for 74,000 people. They don’t have enough hotels, people to house them.” Well, when did you figure that out?

Now, ten times a year Bank of America stadium is sold out for the Carolina Panthers. It doesn’t matter whether rain or lightning is in the forecast. They show up. Charlotte can fill that stadium. Maybe more than that. I don’t know what else they use it for. They just can’t find the number of people that want to go. It’s no more complicated than that.



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