Obama Builds a Coalition of Morons

Why is he hanging around with the women on The View? It’s all about voters that Obama’s targeting. It’s all totally about that, and so was this speech today. You know, you people on the left, you like to think of yourselves as the smartest among us, and you pride yourself that Obama’s the smartest man ever. Do you realize how dumb the average Obama voter is? Do you realize how…? Not dumb. Uninformed.

Do you realize that Obama is trying to put together a majority coalition made up of the least-informed people in this country, and, in some cases, maybe the dumbest? He’s not targeting the brains of our society. He may figure he has academia all wrapped up, but, I mean, his big electoral push is for the mental midgets in this country, proudly so. Yet you people on the left, you sit out there feeling all high and mighty about how smart Obama is and how smart you are.

When, in fact, your guy can’t get elected without a majority of the Dumb Vote, the Moron Vote. And that’s what he’s trying to coalesce.



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