Obama and Media Coordinate to Attach the “47% Video” to Romney’s Supposedly Falling Poll Numbers

Obama is in Virginia, he’s got a campaign appearance going, and he just told a whopper. Grab sound bite five, by the way. He just told a whopper to the crowd. And, by the way, let’s play sound bite five. This is what has caused this big change. The Romney video where he claimed that 47% of the voters are just beyond his reach, they don’t pay taxes or whatever, you remember the video from May at a fundraiser. Obama has latched on to that to now try to talk about the people of this country as great, hardworking, stick-to-it, self-reliant, rugged individuals.

Obama has done a 180. I’m here to tell you that what this campaign is doing is not representative of a campaign that thinks this election is over and that they have it locked up. He is in states that the polls tell us he’s leading by 10 to 12 points. He is now making campaign statements, trying to put words in Romney’s mouth that Romney has denigrated people as a bunch of victims and Obama is now becoming the champion of entrepreneurs and rugged individuals? And this isn’t gonna fly anywhere because nobody believes that. But that’s what he’s out there saying. And the applause — I didn’t see much of this, but when he talked about, (imitating Obama) “We need a new economic patriotism. That economic patriotism is where we have a growing economy that’s led by the middle class.” And I’m sure — I had to come back to the program — that he continued with raising taxes on the rich as patriotism.



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