Obama Admits Attacking Ryan Budget Was ‘Mistake’

President Barack Obama credits Congressional Republicans for Washington’s partisanship and gridlock, but a new book by Bob Woodward, The Price of Politics, reveals Obama may be the one who poisoned the well and now regrets it.

According to ABC News, Obama told Woodward the tone of his speech at George Washington University in April of 2011, which he used to denounce Paul Ryan’s budget before meeting or discussing it with Ryan, was “a mistake.”

Obama told Woodward he had not been aware Ryan would be in the audience during the speech when he ripped apart the budget. Ryan attended the speech after he was invited by White House aides. Obama said then that Ryan’s budget was neither “serious” nor “courageous” and “deeply pessimistic.”

“I might have modified some of it so that we would leave more negotiations open, because I do think that they felt like we were trying to embarrass him,” Obama told Woodward. “We made a mistake.”



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