Obama Admin: Blame ‘Heinous’ Video, Not Our ‘Impotence’

The Obama administration this morning sent out Ambassador Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the United Nations, to flack for the administration’s utterly feckless Middle Eastern foreign policy. Her task was difficult: she somehow had to spin the administration’s cowardly foreign policy, resulting in a maelstrom of violent Islamist action around the world, as a result of something not Obama-related.

And she did. She blamed a YouTube video.

On ABC’s This Week, Jake Tapper asked Rice:

Look at this map, if you would. There have been protests around the world over the last several days. And President Obama pledged to repair America’s relationships with the Muslim world. Why does the U.S. seem so impotent? And why is the U.S. even less popular today in some of these Muslim and Arab countries than it was four years ago?

Rice’s answer was astounding:

Jake, we’re not impotent. We’re not even less popular, to challenge that assessment. I don’t know on what basis you make that judgment.



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