Nearly Two New Food Stamp Recipients for Each New Job

It’s like a corrupt media ritual. The moment a Republican enters the Oval Office, America’s homeless are suddenly discovered, dragged before news cameras, and used as props to prove how heartless the current administration is. But as soon as a Democrat assumes office, the homeless suddenly disappear – presumably to a place with chocolate rivers and peppermint trees that only Democrat presidents are able to magically manifest as soon as the oath of office is complete.

The media’s been even worse with Barack Obama. Not only have the homeless vanished from news coverage, but so have America’s poor. But as NBC’s David Gregory made clear, if you even try to bring up the record number of food stamp recipients Barack Obama’s failed policies have created, you’ll be labeled a racist.

Beyond food stamps, by some reports, the poverty level itself is set to explode to record levels in the fall once a new census report is released. But if past is prologue, you can expect the media to smother that news, because over the last few days, the media has smothered this news



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