Narcissist-in-Chief: Obama Most Cited Term in Dem Platform

The Democrats clearly are bankrupt of ideas. Tonight, late on the Labor Day holiday, they released their party platform for 2012. Platforms are where the national parties lay out their guiding philosophical and policy positions on the major issues of the day. They are meant to suggest where the party will move the country’s policies if they are entrusted with the responsibility. This year’s Democrat platform, however, is different. The collective voice of millions of Democrats across the country have been reduced to “whatever Obama says.”

Barack Obama is the most cited term in the Democrat platform. Out of the 40 pages that make up the platform, Obama is cited by name on 38 of them. He is cited over 200 times throughout the document. The Democrat party’s platform is really Obama’s campaign manifesto.

Let me put this in perspective. In 2008, the Democrat party platform mentioned Barack Obama 8 times. This year’s GOP platform mentions Mitt Romney…ONCE. And, the mention is in the introduction, not the body of the platform.



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