Mrs. Clinton: The Rich Don’t Build Anything

So the Clinton Global Initiative is going on. The Clinton Global Initiative goes on every year same time that the UN goes on, and Clinton Global Initiative is Bill Clinton’s way of trying to repair the Lewinsky deal. Basically when all these world leaders come into town for the annual UN meeting, Clinton hits ’em up for donations, money, and so forth.

They have a little party and three days of speeches. Romney was there today and so was Hillary. Hillary dropped by the Clinton Global Initiative. You know, I think if these world leaders would fork over 40 grand, Obama would meet ’em. That’s what it costs to get your picture taken with him or attend an Obama fundraiser. So he could say, “Hey, Morsi, you want to meet me? Forty grand.”

Of course I’m not so sure that it’s Obama saying he doesn’t want to meet with these guys, and I’m serious about that. Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood guy, the president of Egypt, is making it clear: “Well, we’re kind of in the middle here between friend and ally.” Morsi has made it clear that he wants that filmmaker in jail. He wants something to happen to the filmmaker. He’s given other commands that Obama has not followed through on. He has not followed the orders, and so there’s no meeting.



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