Media Shrinks Expectations for Obama

So why, all of a sudden, are media lowering expectations? Well, I thought last night it ended! You listen to some in the media and this election’s over because of Clinton’s speech last night. Yet The Politico (I just told you about the story) say he hasn’t given a good speech, Obama hasn’t, in four years — and in his life he’s given two. That’s what they say: Two good speeches. And New York Times says he’s bloodless on the campaign trail. There’s a simple reason why this is happening.

It was months ago that I first advanced the theory, and it’s quite simply this: If they think — en masse, collectively on the left, the Democrat Party. If they think Obama’s gonna lose, then it’s time to throw him overboard and not liberalism. Obama will be the reason they lose. Not liberalism. Not policy. Not ideology. The media is getting bored. There is no excitement commensurate with what happened in 2008 in Denver. Moving this convention indoors? This is a huge deal, folks. This is a huge deal.



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