Media: Democrats with Bylines

I think the president of the Associated Press is a woman right now. I don’t know her name. But she runs it. They’re graduates from some of the most renowned journalism schools in the country. If you want to know who controls American journalism, I’d have to say Columbia University School of Journalism. I’m being dead serious. That’s who controls it, the Ivy League journalism schools. Maybe the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Throw them in there, too.

But that’s where the farm is. That’s where these little liberal reporters are produced. Now, bias? You know, it’s an interesting question. Are they biased? I don’t know that it’s bias. Clearly they are, but it’s more than that, Tim. They all think alike! They all think alike because they’ve all been trained the same way. They don’t look for “the news.” They look for “the narrative” to construct that will advance their agenda, which is that of the Democrat Party.

Tim, if I were you, I wouldn’t look at them as media anymore. They are “Democrats with bylines.” They are not journalists; they’re not reporters. Their job is no longer to go out and find out what happened and tell everybody about it. That, basically, is what journalism is: What happened that people didn’t see, and you tell ’em about. That’s not what’s going on here. (pause) Oh, it’s not a woman anymore.



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