Lie-Checking Barack Obama’s DNC Acceptance Speech

Embattled President Obama took to the stage at the Democratic Convention tonight to a smaller venue where, for the past two days, everyone from politicians to Hollywood tried to make the crowd more enthusiastic. Obama had to give the speech of his life tonight, to convince not just the independents watching, but his own base whose faith has been diminished after “yes we can” went to “no, we couldn’t.”

At the heart of Obama’s speech was the attempt to reprogram the American dream from one found in the freedom of individual liberty and owning one’s own output, to “sharing” — and by “sharing” he means the government will own your output.

The socialistic phrases were present:

“They knew they were part of something larger …

… everyone shared in the pride of that success …

It will require common effort, shared responsibility,

“I cut taxes for those who need it. Middle class families, small businesses.”

He did? Let’s examine.



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