In the Middle East, Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost

According to President Obama’s narrative, the murder of four Americans in Libya is a story of “senseless violence” provoked by an anti-Islam video. According to his Praetorian Guards in the media, the story is how Mitt Romney rudely criticized Obama’s foreign policy.

Here’s the real story: The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others is the most important terrorist attack on American civilians since 9/11. And it happened on the 11th anniversary of that day of infamy, on Obama’s watch.

There were no Marines on guard, and there are reports that the Benghazi embassy had been warned of an Al Qaeda assault, yet there were no precautions. It is likely the organized attackers, some carrying rocket-propelled grenades, had inside information about a “safe house,” where they killed two of the Americans.

Obama, after offering condolences and vowing to find those responsible, flew off to a campaign event in Vegas.



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