How did an impeached Clinton regain a good reputation?

How did Obama’s fellow Hall of Shame member, Bill Clinton, suddenly get an elevated stature and praises in public, even by some conservatives? Did I miss something?

I just remember going through the ‘90s angry, agonizing and rooting for impeachment as the morals of the country took a major downturn as the details of the president of the country’s cheating affairs were paraded in embarrassing detail on the prime time news for even kids to watch and then ask their parents what those sexual details meant?

I remember when Clinton was running for president and the details of his affairs with Jennifer Flowers and others were revealed. I tried to warn others that if he’ll cheat on his wife, he basically is a cheat and therefore can’t be trusted to not have just a selfish bent, even if it was going to be at the nation’s expense. That proved to be true, as he lowered the moral climate of the American mainstream.

But behind Rush Limbaugh chronicling the insanity of the democrats, the country revolted in a sweep of Republican victories in the 1994 congressional elections as well as democrat congressmen turning Republican. And with that congress is where the credit belongs for the good things that happened while Clinton was president. But democrat revisionist history tries to give Clinton the credit. Just like it won’t give the dems the blame for Obama’s failures when he had control of the executive branch and congress, and the failures of the last two years when Bush was president, when they also had control of congress.

A question that I never got answered though is: why did Rush drop off of TV – where he was so effective – right before the 1996 Clinton re-election bid, when he was still badly needed? Was he threatened?

Similarly today, why did Glenn Beck, perhaps the most articulate spokesperson against the Obama administration, leave TV before his work could help sway this election? Beck’s detailed exposes are invaluable. But his exposure, like Rush’s, is now limited.

The impeached Clinton regaining any credit or compliments at all shows that this country operates on perceptions and sound bites. And that is one of the tragic shortcomings of American media and politics. Hopefully the fact that the facts are overwhelmingly in favor of the Republicans will spell presidential and congressional victories in November. Given history though, that is probably going to depend on how educated the public becomes through perceptions and sound bites.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at and THE Solutions (which can be seen at He is also available to speak:, where you can also donate to his PAC: Americans for Biblical Values.



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