Hot Mic: Reporters Collaborate on Questions for Romney Press Conference

We finally have the audio of reporters collaborating with each other on asking Romney questions this morning via The Right Scoop blog, The Right Scoop. It was this morning in Jacksonville, and we have an unidentified female CBS reporter and a male reporter overheard talking about the questions that they should ask Romney. It’s about 25 seconds, and here’s what it is.

Do you stand by your statement or do you regret? So here you have two reporters coordinating their questions for Romney, all oriented about, do you stand by your statement, do you regret it. No, I think we got it covered if we do this. No, I think if we do it the other way we’ll have it covered. Listen to this, now that you’ve heard it, listen to this bite again. It’s a female CBS reporter, a male reporter, I don’t know the affiliation, open mic. They don’t know, I think, that this is being recorded. I don’t think they’d care anyway. But they don’t apparently know about the questions they should ask Romney after his statement on the action in the Middle East today.



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