Headlines Show Us There is No “Recovery”

I mentioned yesterday, ladies and gentlemen that we had this story, a media montage of all the reporters going bonkers over the recovery. “We’ve bottomed out. Now, this is it! I mean, this is real. We’re finally now in the recovery! There were 3,000 fewer claims for unemployment, and the Census Bureau report from last year said a lot of people are moving again! Yeah, they’re leaving their parents’ homes. There’s like four-tenths of 1% difference from year to year people moved.”

So when we were doing this, I was beginning to accumulate (even yesterday, prepping today’s show) a bunch of stories that belie this notion that the economy is recovering. And I don’t like this. As I said at the beginning of this program, it’s a dichotomy. This stuff is sad because there are real people’s lives behind all these numbers and behind all these facts and stories. And yet, for the purposes of our side in the campaign, the news is useful in terms of illustrating to the people that vote in this country that we’re on the wrong track with this regime.



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