Flashback: 39% Of Chicago Teachers Send Their Kids To Private Schools

Good enough for thee but not for thee, when it comes to the educational decisions made by Chicago public school teachers for their own children. From a study a few years ago:

Nationwide, public school teachers are almost twice as likely as other parents to choose private schools for their own children, the study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found. More than 1 in 5 public school teachers said their children attend private schools.


In Philadelphia, 44 percent of the teachers put their children in private schools; in Cincinnati, 41 percent; Chicago, 39 percent; Rochester, N.Y., 38 percent.


Michael Pons, spokesman for the National Education Association, the 2.7-million-member public school union, declined a request for comment on the study’s findings. The American Federation of Teachers also declined to comment. [Bold my emphasis]



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