Fact Check: Obama Lies About Responsibility for Deficit

Yesterday, President Barack Obama told CBS News’ 60 Minutes that “ninety percent” of the reason the federal budget deficit has risen dramatically under his administration is because of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Not only is that a baldfaced lie–Obama borrowed more money in less than four years than Bush did in eight–but it is a lie that many in the media want to believe, as Andrew Sullivan of Newsweek demonstrates.

Sullivan argues, in his latest Newsweek cover story, that Obama could become the new Ronald Reagan–for Democrats–by balancing the budget through “a bipartisan deal on taxes and spending.” This after four years in which Obama failed to halve the deficit as promised; radically expanded spending; constantly pushed for higher taxes; ignored his own debt commission; and failed to achieve a “grand bargain” on the long-term budget.

It is because of such willful self-delusion and fakery by significant portions of the media that Obama believes he can get away with lying about the deficit.



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