Don’t Forget What Happened in 2010

Folks, it’s undebatable. It’s inarguable. Barack Obama is engaging in a war on the rich. Barack Obama is the one who is engaging in class warfare. Barack Obama is the one who is trying to profit from dividing people. Barack Obama, as president and as a campaigner, is doing everything he can to create discord from the have-nots against the haves. Obama’s war on the so-called rich is really a war on success, a war on success that has nothing to do with government.

Barack Obama is trying to create this dependence that Romney was talking about. That’s a the definition of “success” for the modern Democrat Party. As many people dependent on government as possible is the objective. That cements their power: This creation of need and dependency on the part of as many Americans as possible for government, for Obama, as saviors. The Julia video says it all! That’s the model citizen: One totally dependent on government even for a trip to the park to pick flowers, for crying out loud!

It is Barack Obama who has divided people. It’s Barack Obama who has created that 47%, although I will point out that some of the people who are not paying income taxes in this country are not paying them because of Republican ideas, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. It’s one of these areas that Romney’s gonna have to be careful. You know, he’s a tax-cutter; so he can’t appear to be the enemy of low taxes. That’s not what he was doing here. What he was clearly doing…



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