Don’t Buy the Narrative! Muslim Mob Violence Was Not Caused by a Movie

So far, folks, the entire narrative of the reason for the mob activity in the Middle East has been false. It’s a false narrative. A so-called fundamentalist pastor who never even saw this YouTube video that nobody else has seen, that’s supposedly produced by an Israeli Jew who turns out to be a Coptic Christian. A film that, in fact, may not actually exist. But if it does, nobody has seen the entire thing, as best we can tell.

And we, nevertheless, are to believe that hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the Middle East are driven to march, riot, maim, and kill, based on this? Sorry, folks. I’m not buying this. I’m not joining this media bubble, this movie, whatever this is. If anything, it could even be a hoax. But it has nothing to do with this, other than being used to incite the rabble. But it is the reason this is happening. It just happens to occur on 9/11, by the way, and thereafter.

I guess that’s just a coincidence!



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