Dick Morris: Poll Numbers Are Not Accurate

BRIAN KILMEADE: Can Mitt Romney regain his lead and what is causing the trend. Dick Morris is fox news contributor and author of screwed. Dick, you believe the story is what is behind the numbers.

DICK MORRIS: I don’t think the numbers are accurate. I think there is a is fundamental error going on in the polling by the media origination. Not by Rasmussen who has a different technique and it shows Romney one behind in Florida and one’ in Virginia and 2 behind in Ohio. And Obama well below 50 percent of the vote which probably means he gets the undecided and could be ahead in those states. But the difference is these pollsters are using 2008 turn out model. A totally unique turn out, huge African American, huge Latino, huge college students and relatively fewer elderly. That model happened for one year only 2008. It didn’t happen in 10, I t didn’t happen in ’04, it didn’t happen in ‘00. And they are wrong for applying, it is true if the people who voted ‘08 vote in ‘12 Obama will get elected. But it’s not going to happen because the enthusiasm is way down.



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