What is this “it took us a long time to get into the hole”? We were fine in 2007. The thing that blew up was the subprime mortgage crisis brought to us by Democrats and the government. There wasn’t a long buildup to this. Well, I take that back. There was a long buildup to it. The subprime mortgage crisis started in 1999, making loans to people who can’t pay it back. It did take a while for that to finally bubble up and show that there was nothing there. But that’s what it was. It wasn’t Bush. It wasn’t Bush economic policies. Gosh, these people tick me off. I cannot tell you how these people tick me off. So their excuse now is, “Well, it took a long time for this mess and it just happened to coincide when our wonderful president was elected.” That’s a bunch of crap, folks. He has exacerbated what was wrong, and he epitomizes what was wrong in all those years that led up to this. So they continue talking about it.

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