Defensive Dick Durbin on Taking God Out of the Democrat Platform

Dick Durbin. This was great. This is Bret Baier’s show, the 6 p.m. show, Special Report with Bret Baier, formally with Brit Hume. Bret Baier has Dick Durbin on. The Democrats had just yesterday taken God out of their platform. So Baier said, “Why did you do that?” This is hard to hear because there’s a lot of noise in the convention hall. You have to listen close here to hear Durbin. But he’s there, because he knows. Here’s the thing. Durbin knows the fact that news has gotten out that Democrats have taken God out of the platform, that’s not something insignificant. That could really, really be a factor in the outcome of the election. More so than Michelle’s speech. That’s big, believe me. He knows it. And he’s up there to do everything he can to deflect. So Baier says, “God was taken out of the platform. Why do that?”



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